ProofSignABOUT ME:

Height = 5’10
Age = Early 20’s
Ethnicity = Ethiopian
Physique = Mouth watering
Location= On my throne <–look up

I am a Beautiful Strong Brown Skinned BADASS Rockstar Goddess.

There’s no duplicating me, I am the one and only Goddess Parys. I’m intelligent, witty, bratty and spoiled to the cord and also very BADASS.

YES. I am authentic.
YES. You will do as I wish.
YES. I will do the thinking for you.

I believe men were created for one purpose only and that’s to serve and cater to ME. My time and attention is limited so if your lucky enough that I grant you with a half a second of it, then you better not fuck up and disappoint me. Every encounter with me is your chance to impress me. I do in-person sessions which is what lead me to online sessions, but I only do in-person and online sessions with respectful, mature and serious slaves that are 18 years of age and older.

Here are a few of the in-person and online sessions that I do: Chastity, Humiliation, CBT, Feminization, Interrogation, Fire Play, Consensual Blackmail, Forced Intoxication, Orgasm Control, Verbal Abuse, Sissy Training, Racial Play, Tease and Denial, Pony/Doggy Training, Foot/Boot/Body/Ass worshiping, Shopping, and Financial Domination with a Twist.

Tributes should ONLY be sent to GoddessParys@yahoo.com  VIA

             AGC          PayPal

DO NOT contact me unless you have READ MY ENTIRE PAGE AND SENT ME A TRIBUTE FIRST. Your first tribute can be of any amount that you choose. I use your first tribute to determine that you’re serious and not just contacting me just to waste my precious time and play games, so that is why the amount of your first tribute doesn’t matter to me. Trust me! Sending me a tribute before you contact me will make things so much easier and less tense. And it will automatically start you off on my good side.

11 Things I Love:
I love being cooked for and then having my food brought to me in bed.
I love helping women under me succeed and watching them blossom.
I love my life and the confidence I have in myself.
I love hearing it’s ok I’ll pay for it or I’ll fix it.
I love not having to worry about anything.

I love the smell of anything brand new.
I love to stare at myself in the mirror.CreditC1
I love making grown men cry.
I love always being right!
I love payday candy bars.
I love the word yes.

11 Things I Hate:
I hate YOU.
I hate cry babies.
I hate closed minded people.
I hate having my time wasted.
I hate repeating myself (so I don’t).
I hate guys with really bad hygiene.
I hate guys who make a lot of excuses.
I hate broken promises and broke people.
I hate when YOU ask questions that I already answered.
I hate guys with little dicks and fat ass guys who take up 2 seats 0_o
I hate guys with no creativity and no passion to serve, give me your all.

rope         rope        rope       rope

My Password Protected Page will only be view able to Slaves that have sent me a tribute or either serve me. The page will contain Photos/Videos, Assignments, Blogs and other things that you’ll just have to gain access to in order to view.



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